ultimele stiri
ultimele stiri

8th Edition (16th-19th of August 2012)

Following the organizational meeting tonight with local partners have highlighted the following conclusions:

1. by courtesy driving school and base camp Hall has access to gym facilities

2. inside by request boarding can provide accommodation at a price of 10 lei / person / night

3. accommodation in up to 30 seats

4. award winners will be awarded cash

5. and last but not least, promises to be good weather.

For those interested in details about the short route …. bring the following specifications:

-Length obtained by us through the steps and scroll without getting lost … too much .. 150-160 km of which about 20 km trekking.

-2 to 3 technical evidence, secret until the technical meeting

-1 wet sample also secret until the technical meeting

- Sports-oriented sample course run by my friend and yours  “Uncle ” George said and Qzbi

- difference of more than 3000 meters … depends where you take each

Base camp in the schoolyard in the town Ileanda, and the possibility of accommodation and boarding school fee.

Long route emerged more time, variants used by us to achieve control points gathered about 220-240 km,which only 20 km of trekking.Approximate level difference is the 4500-5000 m but is influenced by the choices of points.

see galery photo and video

This year the contest will be held on 16-19 August, Somes River Plateau.The base camp will be in the schoolyard in the town Ileanda ,where competitors will start and arrival. Technical meeting will be on August 15, 2012 after 20 o’clock. We will keep you updated with details during the weeks to come. You can also watch page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-Explora/302000733223316

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